February 12th, 2018

Stand With Kwantlen launches Design Contest for Kwantlen Healing Lodge

$1000 Cash Prize for winning submission; priority given to Indigenous Youth

Stand with Kwantlen is gearing up to build our healing lodge in memory of our Kwantlen ancestors who did not survive residential schools, 60’s scoop, small pox epidemics and have gone missing and murdered. With the love for our ancestors and our families we continue this work to heal the land and ourselves, while resisting the Kinder Morgan Pipeline expansion.

As a next step we are calling on our community to help us design the healing lodge. We are inviting contestants to present their visions for this much needed healing space for our elders, adults, and youth affected by the horrendous onslaughts of historic and continuing societal issues.

What: Design contest for Kwantlen healing lodge

Who: Contest is open to all with preference given to Indigenous Youth

Prize: 1000$

Dates: Submissions are due March 13, 2018

Submission details: submit a 2-5-page conceptual statement including rationale for the design, and a summary of the artists background, history, and interest in grassroots work and stopping Kinder Morgan. Up to 10 sketches may be submitted.

Send submissions to standwithkwantlen@gmail.com and visit standwithkwantlen.org for information


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