Eyes on Kinder Morgan

Despite public outrage and legal proceedings against them, Kinder Morgan has been pressing forward with pipeline construction preparations. We are calling for the formation of a network of observers with EYES ON KM to Stand With Kwantlen and document any & all moves made by the company or its subcontractors. Visit areas that Kinder Morgan wants to put their pipeline and let us know what you see!

Disclaimer: Our goal is to watch Kinder Morgan to know if they are doing any work. We do not condone illegal activity such as trespassing on private property. It is your responsibility to make sure you are safe when engaging in work such as this.

1. Look at the sections of map and choose an area.

2. Go the the location and take notes on what you see (people, company logos, machinery, environmental damage, or nothing!) *Stay safe* We are NOT asking you to trespass or go into dangerous areas — just  look at what is accessible.

3. Share what you see by either completing the ‘Activity Report’ below,
emailing us at eyesonkm@standwithkwantlen.org, or
using the Twitter hashtags #EyesonKM #StandwithKwantlen.

A more enhanced tracking method is in the works.
For now, help us keep an Eye on Kinder Morgan!